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The Trial 2.0 – a Labyrinth of Guilt based on Kafka

Foto: Michael Bennett

Schauspiel Leipzig

17th, 20th, 21st, 28th, 29th, 30th of September 2016
1st of October 2016
8 pm

Have I made enough use of my talents? Do I manage to balance between work, family and friends? Am I successful enough and if not: is it not my own fault? In our contemporary world obsessed with high performance and self-control we tend to turn into our very personal relentless judges. We blaim ourselves rather than society. We go and see a therapist, personal coach or yoga instructor instead of joining a union or a demonstration. In looking back at Kafka’s classic novel, which reveals striking motives relevant for the 21st century, Interrobang turns the inner tribunal of the self-responsible neoliberal human being outwards into a public trial.

Radio play of the month:
Ich als Großprojekt


Till Müller-Klug’s new radio play “Ich als Großprojekt” has won the prize “Hörspiel des Monats” by the Akademie der Darstellenden Künste.
You’ll find information and extracts from the play (in German language) here.

Performing Stories

Photo: Janet Cardiff / Her Long Black Hair

The second edition of Nina Tecklenburg’s book about new narrative practices in performing arts is out: Performing Stories. Erzählen in Theater und Performance.
Collecting things, reading traces, retelling performances, tailoring identities, gaming narration: this book offers a new perspective on narrative beyond written language and drama. A fundamental guide on storytelling in contemporary theatre.

Language Lab Babylonradio play version


What would a world be like in which languages were developed by private companies? Winner of Kurd-Laßwitz prize 2012 and nominated for the German audio book award 2014: Till Müller-Klug’s radio play Language Lab Babylon (Sprachlabor Babylon) has been published as a book with CD. Radio play director: Thomas Wolfertz. Dramaturgy: Isabel Platthaus. Production: WDR. You’ll find more information about Interrobang’s performance of the same title here.

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