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The Müllermatrix

HELLERAU – – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste
24th of October-02nd of November 2019
-free entrance-
during the festival 89/19

Die Müllermatrix: Artikel in “Wired”



Conference “Theater & Netz. Vol. 7”

The Renaissance of the “Lehrstück”.

Panel with Annett Gröschner (Author, Performer e.g. by She She Pop), Nina Tecklenburg (Director and Performer / Interrobang), Ulf Schmidt (Playwrighter) and Jürgen Kuttner (Director, Moderator, Actor).

Moderation: Esther Slevogt

Out Now: Trailer
Die Müllermatrix

Interrobang have analysed, re-edited and digitalised Müller’s extensive audio material. The result is an artificial Heiner-Müller-intelligence that looks back to Müller’s texts, alienates and re-configurates them for the present.

Here comes the trailer.

Performing Stories

The second edition of Nina Tecklenburg’s book about new narrative practices in performing arts is out: Performing Stories. Erzählen in Theater und Performance.
Collecting things, reading traces, retelling performances, tailoring identities, gaming narration: this book offers a new perspective on narrative beyond written language and drama. A fundamental guide on storytelling in contemporary theatre.

Language Lab Babylon – radio play version

What would a world be like in which languages were developed by private companies? Winner of Kurd-Laßwitz prize 2012 and nominated for the German audio book award 2014: Till Müller-Klug’s radio play Language Lab Babylon (Sprachlabor Babylon) has been published as a book with CD. Radio play director: Thomas Wolfertz. Dramaturgy: Isabel Platthaus. Production: WDR. You’ll find more information about Interrobang’s performance of the same title here.

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