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Preenacting Europe

Archa Theatre Prague /AKCENT Festival, Foto: Pavlína Jáchimová

What is Europe’s future? How do we react to rising levels of youth unemployment, national debt, xenophobia and Euro-scepticism? Preenacting Europe lets the public decide the political direction using live voting. Which future programme will win and be implemented? “Euro-Swarm 3.0”, the swarm-intelligent fundamental democracy? Or “The Lottocratic Republic of Europe”, in which all political authorities are chosen by lottery? Or something completely different, adopted first on the evening of the performance? In this performance with its undecided outcome, the responsibility is transferred onto the audience and the question of the future of democracy is posed: Where does freedom of choice end and controlled democracy begin?

In February to April 2014, the Europhone begins its tour through Europe. It is a mobile research installation in the shape of a telephone booth. We place it in theatres, town halls and job centres and let it ring. Whoever picks up the receiver is asked questions by the Europhone and can record their wishes, fears and visions on it. The collected voices from the Europhone are the starting point for Preenacting Europe.




“Political, intelligent, rousing and strongly performed.” (Die Rheinpfalz)

“A really fun political piece. The audience also has its part to play, is angered by false decisions or advocates right ideas. A truly successful experiment.” (Göttinger Tageblatt)

Maybe Preenacting Europe is a success because it thrives on exaggerations that show the absurdity of politics and reveal its true colors. (Mannheimer Morgen)


Conzept: Interrobang Text, Devising, Performance: Nina Tecklenburg, Till Müller-Klug, Lajos Talamonti, Dorothea Schmans, Elisabeth Lindig, Bettina Grahs Music und Europhone sound: Ekkehard Ehlers Dramaturgy: Lisa Großmann, Tom Mustroph Conceptual Collaboration: Martin Schick Simultaneous Translator: Flavio Ribeiro Set Design and Costumes: Sandra Fox Technical Coordinator and Lighting Design: Dirk Lutz Video: Florian Fischer Production: Marc Pohl Europhone software and electronics: Georg Werner Intern: Jonas Feller Photos: Renata Chueire, Michael Bennett, Dirk Lutz Video Documentation: Gernot Wöltjen.

With special thanks to Daniel Belasco Rogers, Prof. Dr. Anja Besand from the department for political science at the TU Dresden, the Goethe Institut in Prag, Weronika Nazarko, Iwona Nowacka, Janek Turkowski from Teatr Kana Szczecin, Frauke Wetzel, Christina Runge, our test audience and everybody who spoke into the Europhone.

Production: Interrobang. Co-production: SOPHIENSÆLE. Cooperation: HELLERAU – European Center of the Arts Dresden and Theatron (Network of European Performing Arts Organisations). Funded by: Doppelpass Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe
14. May 2020 (cancelled due to COVID)

Archa Theatre Prague (Akzent Festival) und Goethe-Institut Prag:
19. / 20. November 2015
special location: former Czechoslovakian parliament

Theater an der Parkaue (youth version):
4. / 5. / 6. November 2015

zeitraumexit Mannheim:
24. / 25. April 2015

HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden:
17. / 18. April 2015

Schauspiel Leipzig:
10. / 11. April 2015

Junges Theater Göttingen:
5. / 6. February 2015

Teatr Kana Szezecin:
8. / 9. January 2015

Schwankhalle Bremen:
27. September 2014

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