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Theatermuseum Düsseldorf
09. October 2021 – 20. February 2022

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Deep Godot

Sophiensaele Berlin
Coming of Age Festival
09., 10. October 2021 | every full hour 16.00 – 22.00 h
13.-17. October 2021 | every full hour 18.00 – 21.00 h
28.-30. April 2022, “Viral Theaters” Berlin 

Deep Godot: Onlineversion

25. October – 07. November 2021
in German or English, approximately 45 minutes



Berliner Zeitung about Interrobang and “The Philosophising Machine”:

“Interrobang develops a new form of interactive theatre “

Without doubt, the most important and difficult thing that Interrobang seeks is to offer as many different possibilities to the audience as possible to lure them out of their reserve and maybe even fear – certainly out of fixed patterns of behaviour and to expose them to new situations. For nearly ten years, the core group (…) have been experimenting with these very processes which they prefer to call ‘playing with the theatrical community’.

(…) Almost no other group carries out such intensive, self-critical research on this concrete theatrical awareness as Interrobang.  (…) Interrobang’s participatory games are not simply inner journeys. You are lured into the cracks in the surface of reality you learn to see by playing the game.”

more about the “Philosophising Machine”

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Conference “Theater & Netz. Vol. 7

The Renaissance of the “Lehrstück”.

Panel with Annett Gröschner (Author, Performer e.g. by She She Pop), Nina Tecklenburg (Director and Performer / Interrobang), Ulf Schmidt (Playwrighter) and Jürgen Kuttner (Director, Moderator, Actor).

Moderation: Esther Slevogt

Performing Stories

The second edition of Nina Tecklenburg’s book about new narrative practices in performing arts is out: Performing Stories. Erzählen in Theater und Performance.
Collecting things, reading traces, retelling performances, tailoring identities, gaming narration: this book offers a new perspective on narrative beyond written language and drama. A fundamental guide on storytelling in contemporary theatre.

Language Lab Babylon – radio play version

What would a world be like in which languages were developed by private companies? Winner of Kurd-Laßwitz prize 2012 and nominated for the German audio book award 2014: Till Müller-Klug’s radio play Language Lab Babylon (Sprachlabor Babylon) has been published as a book with CD. Radio play director: Thomas Wolfertz. Dramaturgy: Isabel Platthaus. Production: WDR. You’ll find more information about Interrobang’s performance of the same title here.

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