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About Interrobang - Who

Interrobang are Nina Tecklenburg, Till Müller-Klug and Lajos Talamonti. For each project Interrobang works in different constellations with artists from the most diverse areas of specialization. At present these are Kaja Jakstat (dramaturgy), Bettina Grahs (performance), Elisabeth Lindig (performance), Lisa Großmann (dramaturgy, tour management, project assistant), Sandra Fox (set and costume design), Georg Werner (sound art, computer programming), Friedrich Greiling (music), Dirk Lutz (lighting design) and Florian Fischer (video animation, sound editing, computer programming).

Nina Tecklenburg

is a performance maker and theatre theorist. Since 2002, as a performer, co-director and dramaturge, she has realized a host of projects with very diverse artists and performance groups: She She Pop (of which she is a regular guest performer), Gob Squad, Lone Twin Theatre, Baktruppen, Rabih Mroué and Reckless Sleepers. She writes on theatre and performance (in, amongst others: The Drama Review, Theatre Research International, Performance Research), and teaches at the Universtity of Hildesheim (Department of Media, Theatre and Popular Culture), at Bard College Berlin, at Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, at Bern University of the Arts and at the Free University Berlin. Her book on new narrative practices in contemporary theatre and performance “Performing Stories” was published by transcript and is forthcoming in 2017 in an english translation edited by Richard Schechner and published by Seagull Books. Nina is a founding member of Interrobang.

Till Müller-Klug

founding member of Interrobang. He studied Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen with Professor Andrzej Wirth and published his study “Nietzsches Theaterprojektionen” (“Nietzsche’s Theatre Projections”). From the middle of the nineties to the turn of the millennium, he was active in the Spoken Word scene. Since 2002 he has written and realized many theatre pieces, projects and audio plays. “Europa, ein Plagiate-Saga” (WDR 2012) and “Ich als Großprojekt” (WDR 2015) were both chosen as radio play of the month by the German Academy of Dramatic Arts. “Sprachlabor Babylon” won the Kurd-Laßwitz-Award 2012 and was nominated for the German Hörbuchpreis 2014. His new play “Der Minusmensch” premiered in autumn 2016 at Schauspiel Leipzig.

Lajos Talamonti

a former dancer, is a freelance author, director and performer, who founded the production platform URBAN LIES in 1999. In this way productions for theatre spaces as well as interventions in the public space were realized, long and short formats, works with actors, performers and nonprofessional, for example: “Ersatzverkehr”, “Super-position”, “Sphärenversammlung”, and “SoulCity”. Another focus has been work with children and young people. As a performer and co-deviser, Lajos Talamonti worked with, amongst others: Nico and the Navigators, Hans-Werner Kroesinger, Martin Clausen, Andreas Liebmann, Forced Entertainment, Jacob Wren, Gesine Danckwart and Sascha Bunge.

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