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An Empowerment after Rousseau - interactive Livestream

Foto: Paula Reissig

In FAMILIODROME, Interrobang brings a child into the world together with the online-audience. The newly-fledged parent collective is immediately plunged into the world of cloth diapers, ready-made baby food, sleep training, shame and guilt.
Will our child go to the large, multicultural kindergarten or to the white Steiner kindergarten with individual talent development programme? Should our child decide themselves when to clean their teeth? In this moralistic battle about the pacifier, it’s all about the bigger picture: what notion of humanity lurks behind our idea of education? Inspired by Rousseau’s classic book ‘Emile, or On Education’, Interrobang will perform an empowerment in which fundamental social questions are negotiated. At crucial points in the story, the online-audience can intervene, vote and influence the development of the child. The outcome of this experimental upbringing is different every performance. Will it lead to a new kind of familial hell or to a better society? And how does the child feel about it all?




“You’re left rubbing your eyes at how rapidly you are rushed through decisions that have less and less to do with your own will. Out of all the voting, chatting, and narrating, an illuminating and contradictory parallel event emerges that suddenly reveals the idealistic swarm-upbringing as a patchwork of compromises and inner conflict. Surely the most honest coming of age since Rousseau.”
(Doris Meierhenrich, Berliner Zeitung, 10/12/20)

“Super, lifelike and truly clever […] As a sometimes ironic, sometimes uncertain contemplation on raising children, the show works even for childless critics.”
(Falk Schreiber, Nachtkritik, 09/12/20)

“By the end, our 14 year old daughter is a passionate mountain-biker and successful influencer. The last question is whether we should sign her influencer contract. The parents decide no. Someone writes “Great. Now she’ll hate us” in the chat. Soon we are leaving this young person again, who has only just entered our lives […] One audience member writes “I really want to meet Emilia now.” What is certain is that Emilia is now almost grown up and us parents are left once again to ourselves. All that remains for us is to swap ideas about this extraordinary parenting experience in the virtual foyer. “
(Sophie Vondung, Die Deutsche Bühne, 09/12/20)

“Questions about parenting ideals are juxtaposed meaningfully against tricky everyday decisions. On a second level the parent-collective discusses the majority decision making in a simultaneous chat […] Daily dilemmas of child raising between ideals and failed realities are vividly worked out in this performance.”
(Dimo Rieß, Leipziger Volkszeitung online, 11/12/20)


Concept: Interrobang (Nina Tecklenburg, Till Müller-Klug, Lajos Talamonti) Performance and Play Devising: Bettina Grahs, Lajos Talamonti Speaker Rousseau-Child: Marla Scharegg Dramaturgy: Lisa Großmann, Peggy Mädler Stage: Silke Bauer and Maria Gamsjäger Music: Friedrich Greiling Assistence: Christina Reuter Programming: Florian Fischer Lightdesign and technical Director: Dirk Lutz Simultaneous Translation: Flavio Ribeiro Production: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro / Sandra Klöss PR: Tina Ebert.

Production: Interrobang. Co-production: SOPHIENSÆLE and WUK performing arts Vienna. Funded by: Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


WUK Wien and Internationales Figurentheaterfestival Erlangen
14. and 15. May 2021

Sophiensaele Berlin
Interactive Livestream-Premiere: 08.December 2020
further interactive Livestreams: 09., 12., 13. December 2020

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