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Total Therapy

In Total Therapy the audience becomes a microcosm whose members undergo an enticing therapy parcours: rating games open the doors to permanent evaluation and analysis, individual psychological profiles can be created and personality altering measures are dared and tried out. A performative balancing act that invites you experience the political and social power structures behind therapy.



“You go through it all in Total Therapy: sadness, anger, fear  (…). For once, the feedback loops often quoted by theatre scholars become a ghastly reality. Let’s still call it theatre – it’s one you think about for a long time after.” (Eva Biringer, Nachtkritik from 16/11/2018)

“On this night it is the others who are the therapists. Total Therapy is delicately ambiguous, because as a player you don’t just deal with yourself and your effect on others. You also have to ask yourself, whether you are meeting the other person in an impartial way after you’ve seen their supposed psychological profile. The evening jumps from the personal to the political when the profiles become reminiscent of the system of social points being introduced in China. Awarded for good behaviour, these points effect your chances in life and are used as one element of political control. The Berlin performance group Interrobang manage to succinctly summarise contemporary issues with participative theatre and they have succeeded again with their humorous production Total Therapy“. (Dimo Rieß, Leipziger Volkszeitung from 12/04/2019)


Concept: Interrobang By and with: Bettina Grahs, Lisa Großmann, Kaja Jakstat, Elisabeth Lindig, Till Müller-Klug, Christina Reuter, Lajos Talamonti, Nina Tecklenburg Stage, Costume: Silke Bauer Music: Friedrich Greiling Light Design, Technical Director: Dirk Lutz Production: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro PR: Tina Ebert Intern: Miriam Bach Photos: Renata Chueire, Paula Reißig Photo Collage: Silke Bauer.

Production: Interrobang. Co-production: Schauspiel Leipzig, WUK Performing Arts Wien and SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by: Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and Konzeptionsförderung of Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.


Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig
11. – 18. April 2019

Sophiensaele Berlin
Premiere: 13. November 2018, 5pm and 9pm
further shows: 14. of November 2018, 5pm and 9pm
Festival “Save Your Soul”

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