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Deep Godot: Onlineversion

Foto: Renata Chueire

With DEEP GODOT, Interrobang makes the ambivalences of artificial intelligence tangible for the audience! The performance collective develops and trains DEEP GODOT, an A.I. that offers individual age guidance for people from 15 to 100plus. Through the Smart Ageing program, DEEP GODOT gets to know people long before they reach the end of their lives, in order to better and more personally accompany, entertain, care for and prepare them for their death later in life.

After the successful live version, the audience now gets in touch with the AI DEEP GODOT from the comfort of their own home. Equipped with a stable internet connection and headphones, one communicates with DEEP GODOT on one’s own PC/laptop/tablet, negotiates personal, medical and philosophical topics and plays through different scenarios.

Through the performance, Interrobang explores the limits and possibilities of individual agency and social solidarity in a world increasingly shaped by A.I.. What is the relationship between profit-oriented promises of progress and emancipatory potentials? At the same time, communication with DEEP GODOT enables a personal and poetic confrontation with one’s own transience.


Concept: Interrobang Development and Text: Lisa Großmann, Peggy Mädler, Till Müller-Klug, Lajos Talamonti, Nina Tecklenburg Programming: Florian Fischer Stage Manager: Sandra Fox, Dominik v. Stillfried Music: Friedrich Greiling Light Design, Technical Management: Dirk Lutz Graphics, Animation: Jürgen Fehrmann, Julia Elger Beta-Testing: Annelie Uhlig, Christina Reuter English Translation: Daniel Brunet Production Management: ehrliche arbeit, Sandra Klöss PR: Tina Ebert

Production: Interrobang. Co-production: SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by: Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


STUDIO theatregallery Warschau
im Rahmen von A (Long) Weekend of Immersion
17.-19. June 2022

TA T Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin & online
Viral Theatres: Pandemic Past / Hybrid Futures
28. April 2022 3-9:30pm analogue and online
29. April 2022 1-8pm analogue and online
30. April 2022 1-7pm analogue and online

Sophiensaele Berlin
25. October – 07. November 2021
in German or English, approximately 45 minutes

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